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Cast one

The Atlatl was mankind’s first actual weapon system.  It was the used for thousands of years before the invention of the bow, and has been found on every continent occupied by humans (archaeologists are still arguing if they have found them in Africa).  They are still used, as of this posting, in Australia, in parts of Alaska and the Yukon River delta.

My PLAN is to show all of my experimentation in MY use and making of the atlatl and Darts.

The Atlatl itself is a simple “stick” with a “spur”, “loop” or something similar to engage the end of the “Dart” (skinny spear or LONG arrow).  Upon release of the dart when it is “Cast” (thrown), the atlatl is “whipped” forward similar to casting of a fishing rod.

IF I can figure out how this site works, I will continue to post and I will take questions, compare experiences, “fine-tune” and/or correct the instructions, instruct and learn.